learn english with us!

Do you (or someone you know) need to learn English?

Do you need more English in order to study for your U.S. Citizenship exam? Or to get your license? Or to talk with doctors, teachers, or lawyers?

Then you've come to the right place! Our team of 130+ professionally-trained Volunteer Tutors are ready to help you with your English literacy and life goals. Learning is easy and fun... and completely free!

how we teach

Choose the way of learning that's best for you:

- Language Labs are equipped with Rosetta Stone English-learning software and are available for your use immediately after training
- Conversation Groups are held regularly and are a great opportunity to practice speaking English with other learners
- Small Group Tutoring is available if you would like a more personalized learning experience
- We even offer individualized, One-on-One Tutoring!

how to sign up

1. Come in to one of our offices (New London or Norwich!)

2. Fill out application (Staff is there to help you!)

3. Have your English level evaluated (It's quick and easy!)

4. Learn to use Rosetta Stone software (It's fun!)

5. Receive Conversation Group Schedule (Drop in to practice speaking!)

6. Be matched with a tutor (In approximately 2 weeks!)

7. Start learning English!

call for more information:

In New London: (860) 443-4800

In Norwich: (860) 886-9096